Savings From Cost of Operation

Energy Savings Icon

Energy Savings

PHOTOBIO LEDs will consume up to 35% less power than a 1000W DE HID Light. However, creating lower electrical bills for lighting is just the start.

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Rebate Eligibility

Rebate Eligibility - All PHOTOBIO LEDs are DLC listed and may be eligible for further cost reduction through utility rebate programs. Please inquire with your local agency on eligibility.

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HVAC Savings

Additional savings found with reduced HVAC operational cost due to lower BTU output per a fixture versus HID. Beyond that, crucial start-up savings are reduced due to the need for less robust HVAC equipment and less electrical infrastructure.

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Multi-level Installation

LEDs allow for multi level installation allowing growers to increase capacity and increase revenue per square foot.

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Maintenance Savings

Finally, don't forget with LEDs there are no lamp changes required. With 90% output ratings of over 50,000 hours, that means your LED will still be giving you the desired output for years to come without the need for annual lamp replacements that is a common practice with HID growers. Over time, the cost of repeatedly buying new lamps and labor to install them on HID systems can easily exceed the initial savings from buying lower cost HID systems versus a quality LED. Also, lamp disposal costs and concerns are eliminated when growing with LEDs.


PHOTOBIO LEDs efficiency far surpasses traditional HID lighting fixtured. Our LED fixtures efficacy range from 2.3-2.6 umol/joule versus HID fixtures lower efficacy range of 1.7-2.1 umol/joule. Simply put, more photons per watt and less watts per fixture means lower utility bills. In addition, with the superior spectrum, our LEDs give vigorous growth and finishing compared to HID options. It’s not just about lower bills; it’s also about producing a superior product. With PHOTOBIO - that makes for a double-win.



PHOTOBIO spectrum provides highly-efficient, full spectrum (PAR and PBAR) with healthy red-to-blue ratios that drive photosynthesis and photomorphogenic response in your crop. Key spectral ranges are covered without the waste light and spectral imbalance one finds with traditional HID lighting.


PHOTOBIO lights are an excellent upgrade for existing operations or new turnkey facilities. With flexible designs that can accommodate all phases of growth, whether growing on the floor, benches, or racks, our LEDs fit your cultivation style. With dimming functions, PPFD can be adjusted as required based on growth stage and cultivation practices. With a narrow profile and much less radiant heat than HID systems, you can get your lights closer to your plants and utilize racking system and lower ceiling rooms that would be out of the question with an HID light.

Keep in mind that we offer detachable LED drivers on applicable systems which further helps simplify lighting management in low-profiles installations. LED fixtures that are DLC listed are also eligible for further cost savings through utility rebate programs, further reducing the overall investment into the superior technology of LED.